Hello from J.S. Delisi!

Alright, listen. It’s just us now.

We are in this world together. Forever.

(Or at least until you click away from this post.)

Hello! I’m J.S. Delisi. Co-host of the wildly popular Cinemia podcast! Got nine views on that last one. WILDLY POPULAR I SAY.

That said, I’ve had short lived blogs in the past (one about my ongoing love affair with nihilism, for example), but alas, I’ve never gotten the chance to be a regular recurring author of a blog that isn’t only for the existentially minded out there. So after reading Mike Night’s glorious introductory post (which you can read here) I decided it was high time to get this right and do what no one has done before: review movies for free online.

You’re welcome universe.

As a child, outside of pretending to be a vampire (superheros were too “mainstream” probably), I did only two things with my spare time: read books and watch movies. So much of my life was spent eating far too many bread sticks while witnessing many a cinematic marvel. Some of my favorites were easily accessible ones like

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Harry Potter, Matrix, Die Hard, Arsenic and Old Lace

Obviously, my tastes have always been… eclectic. Very little has changed since, and I still own several capes.

When one day I brought the idea of creating a film review based podcast to Mike Night’s attention, his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. Apparently, he had been pondering the exact same thing. Fortune smiled down on us and we were able to successfully begin the process of cobbling together a thing neither of us had done before. Thus: Cinemia: the podcast for people with a cinema deficiency was born!

As I quickly found out, putting together a brand new podcast with no frame of reference of how to do it is not as simple as I anticipated it might be, even with an awesome WordPress site at our backs.

How do I RSS feed?

What is Show Note?

Why are iTunes?

Or something rather similar to that.

After a long and arduous trudge through the seedy underbelly of the blogging world (sheesh, a FULL 5 minutes wait for a WordPress help person to get back to me? What is this, the thirteenth century? ((No, but really they were very helpful actually. Paul, you know who you are. Thank you)) I was able to watch Goodfellas and scribble down some notes just before Mike walked in to record the first episode.

After stumbling over more than a few “ums” and “you knows”, we had it down. And after a week of editing in between hanging out with my gorgeous wife Andrea, and managing a video game retail store, the episode was up and we were off to the races!

Now that the podcast is pretty well in hand, I feel it’s time to start getting back into regular writing. I suspect these blogs I thrust your way will usually be reviews and thoughts on more recent and in-theater spectacles I witness, along with the occasional nonsense rant most probably (knowing my brain, this gibberish will be unavoidable.)

I look forward to watching more movies and sharing the spoils of thought that I usually collect inside myself like a nervous hoarder at an estate sale with you. And I hope you enjoy too!

Favorite films so far (in no particular order): V For Vendetta, The Usual Suspects, The Matrix (yes, still), Fight Club

Favorite shows so far (in no particular order): Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot (aka Fight Club the show), Walking Dead, the presidential election 2016.

Favorite Books so far (in a very specific order, though only relevant to me and not so much you, the reader): American Gods, Pillars of the Earth, Prometheus Rising, And Then There Were None, Sherlock Holmes (complete collection), Harry Potters.

The word “the” was used 23 times in this blog.

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