Blade Runner (Cinemia Episode 27)

Hey Cinemiaphiles! We recorded this way back in October! Due to a number of things, we took a long break between episodes, so we’re posting this now so our next episode won’t seem so jarring! Listen as J.S. and Mike talk about Blade Runner, even more appropriate now that Blade Runner 2049 is now available to rent/buy!

Cinemia score: 85%

Poster: 67.5%
Trailer: 85%
Script: 87.5%
Art Direction: 92.5%
Editing: 79%
Direction: 93.5%
Primary Acting: 80%
Secondary Acting: 85%
Music: 91%
Cinematography: 88.5%

Saban’s Power Rangers (Cinemia Episode 26)

Were you thinking about checking out this classic reboot? Well you should, and then come check out our review of it! It’s Morphin’ Time!

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Cinemia score: 74.5%

Poster: 87.5%
Trailer: 70%
Script: 70%
Art Direction: 90%
Editing: 51.5%
Direction: 65%
Primary Acting: 85%
Secondary Acting: 69%
Music: 84.5%
Cinematography: 73%

The Shawshank Redemption (Cinemia Episode 25)

Can you believe Mike never watched this one?! Listen as he and J.S. talk about Shawshank Redemption, (probably) one of the favorites from Stephen King.

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Cinemia score: 94.1%

Poster: 91%
Trailer: 92%
Script: 95%
Art Direction: 96%
Editing: 95%
Direction: 92%
Primary Acting: 98%
Secondary Acting: 98%
Music: 89%
Cinematography: 95%

Spotlight (Cinemia Episode 24)

J.S. and Mike watched the 2016 Best Picture Oscar winner Spotlight. It was Mike’s favorite that year, but it is J.S.’s first viewing! What did they think? Listen and find out. Note: Some of the discussion is pretty heavy, given the context of the movie, just a heads up.

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Cinemia score: 90.4%

Poster: 93%
Trailer: 88%
Script: 92%
Art Direction: 87%
Editing: 94%
Direction: 93%
Primary Acting: 95%
Secondary Acting: 87%
Music: 86%
Cinematography: 89%

The World’s End (Cinemia Episode 23)

It’s the final film in the Cornetto Trilogy by the amazing Edgar Wright! Can you tell we like Edgar Wright? We won’t stop talking about him. Listen to us talk more about Edgar Wright. Go ahead, do it.

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Cinemia score: 92.5%

Poster: 85%
Trailer: 90%
Script: 89%
Art Direction: 92%
Editing: 96%
Direction: 95%
Primary Acting: 98%
Secondary Acting: 83%
Music: 98%
Cinematography: 99%

Iron Man 3- Cinemia Episode 21

Cinemia FINALLY watches a MARVEL movie! Since both of us have seen so many of them, we talk about one of the most debated ones. It is J.S.’s first viewing, so what does he think of Shane Black’s direction and the first film of MARVEL Phase 2?

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Cinemia score: 80.3%

Poster: 89%
Trailer: 91%
Script: 74%
Art Direction: 88%
Editing: 69%
Direction: 83%
Primary Acting: 93%
Secondary Acting: 76%
Music: 75%
Cinematography: 65%

Network (Cinemia Episode 20)

J.S. Delisi and Mike Night are mad as hell and THEY’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

In this revolutionary episode of Cinemia, the boys take on the 1976 Sidney Lumet film: Network. The story is about one mans breakdown and the company that exploits him, but is it enough to give Mike a breakdown? Or will our audio equipment do it first? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Cinemia Episode 19)

It’s a Cold-War-era action film from the distant year of 2015, featuring super secret agents that have to put aside their differences and work together! Can J.S. and Mike do the same as they watch this Guy Ritchie film based on a TV show from the 1960’s?

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Cinemia score: 94%

Poster: 95%
Trailer: 95%
Script: 87%
Art Direction: 96%
Editing: 98%
Direction: 96%
Primary Acting: 98%
Secondary Acting: 87%
Music: 94%
Cinematography: 95%